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The original purpose of Wedding Photographer Index was to provide you with a convenient and simple way to find a photographer for your wedding day. Although helping you to find a professional photographer for your wedding photography remains our primary goal, we now also strive to help you with your wedding plans wherever we can.

That is why we introduced the Articles: Helpful Tips page with original articles covering several topics to help you further. Also, the Budget Calculator tool should give you an idea of what your photographic requirements will cost you. Last but not least, if you need someone to talk to, we are here! Our Bridal Questions / Ask Jenny section allows you to ask our resident ex-professional wedding photographer any photography related question you wish - or if you prefer, just read through some of the questions that have been asked previously.

New articles and answers to questions are constantly being added so remember to check back often to benefit from the latest wedding tips and advice! Happy searching!

Kind Regards,
Wedding Photographer Index Team

Brides Ask Questions about Wedding Photography Featured Bridal Question - Jenny's Response:

"What if you're not very photogenic?" - "The first thing I would say is don't worry! Lots of people feel awkward about having their photograph taken but in my experience once you are in the midst of your wedding day (i.e. after the ceremony particularly) you are that happy naturally you can't help but give off a lovely natural smile and glow that your photographer will be able to capture.

Discuss any specific worries with your photographer they may be able to take these into account with the poses and positions they plan. For instance, a common complaint is brides not liking their nose but this is easily remedied by the photographer taking care not to place the brides head on a side profile.

I hope that helps!"

Why not read more Bridal Questions or even ask Jenny a question yourself?

Featured Article:

Pose List for Wedding Photographs - A list of typical shots you may want to consider for your wedding photography. Whilst most photographers these days will take casual shots of the day as it happens, the majority of Brides & Grooms also want some traditional family groups. This list is by no means exhaustive but it should give you a good idea of what shots can be taken.... read more

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